page-faqWhat do services cost?

Costs vary depending on the nature of study performed: cardiac, abdominal, ocular or a combination. Other factors include the number of patients scheduled and turnaround time desired. For specific details, please call: 1-877-US-Sound (1-877-877-6863).

How soon can you be here?

For many veterinarians, the choice to purchase their own ultrasound equipment and invest time and money into training, service and more…can be the result of frustration over not having ultrasound in-house when they need it. Mobile Pet Ultrasound strives to offer same-day and next-day service in almost all cases. Call for availability.

I am a client. How can I view my reports?

Client reports can be obtained through our webmail browser. Click here to enter, or request your user name and password (for first time users).

What type of ultrasound equipment do you use?

Mobile Pet Ultrasound utilizes high-end, portable ultrasound technology, delivering premium performance efficiently and effectively.